Tv Wall Mount Buying Guide

Tv Wall Mount Buying Guide

Mounting a TV is a great idea as it doesn’t only look good but also help save space. Doing this by yourself may seem a daunting task but on the other hand, mounting a TV isn’t a hard task at all. It all starts with picking the right wall mount for your home and that is a surprisingly easy task. In this TV wall mount guide, we would elaborate on the different types of wall mounts and what to consider when buying them.

TV wall-mounts could come with the basic fixed-mount designs or as those with virtually unlimited flexibility for positioning your TV. There is a wall mount that suits just about any style you want. To monitor wall mount from is available at amazing prices.

 Here are the different types of wall mount available:

Fixed Mount: The Fixed wall mount is just about the simplest and cheapest wall mount available in the market, it places the TV just on the wall like no other. This wall mount has no angle adjustment and the TV screen is positioned parallel to the wall. This type of mounts is best for sitting positions facing the TV, without plans of adjusting the TV.

Tilt Mount: The Tilt wall mount provides a vertical wall adjustment. Some TVs are usually installed above the normal viewing level and they can be difficult to view. However, a Tilt mount makes this type of positioning easy. The tilt mount makes a perfect choice for TV’s positioned above Fireplaces or high on a bedroom wall, to enable adjustments to fit your eye level.

Full-Motion Mount: The Full motion mount is equipped with a side-to-side swivel adjustment that enables all-round movement of your TV and is perfect for rooms with more than one viewing point.

Mantel mount: Some people believe mounting a TV just on top the fireplace is the ideal thing to do. Well for a start, it gives homes a cool look and it makes sure there are no inconveniences whatsoever. There are a few problems with this arrangement though, and they include; Bad Viewing angle, Heat & Soot, etc.  But, a Mantel mount helps you handle these issues.

Ceiling Mount: Can you mount your television to the ceiling? You sure can! One of the benefits of having a flat panel TV is the ability to mount it on the ceiling. This helps a lot in maximizing space in the house especially when there is limited space. This gives homeowners the ability to change the angle of the TV as needed depending on the situation.