Recovering Lost Revenue!

Recovering Lost Revenue!

If you thought your business is faring pretty well with a spot on Google page number 2, here’s a quick reality check: if you’re not ranked on Google page number 1, you ARE losing customers and revenue!

Today, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a widely known digital marketing strategy and you most likely have an ‘SEO expert’ on board for your business. But is that helping you? Let’s be straight up. Most digital marketing agencies are there to make money and will present a standard list of do’s and don’ts for your SEO strategy. While this may work in the short run, you’re looking for a long term strategy that will eradicate all loss of revenue from your business! After all, isn’t precaution better than cure?

Finding the Loopholes!

In light of this, it would be more suitable for you to look for lost revenue recovery specialists like 1UP instead of clichéd ‘SEO experts’. Instead of a few sedentary tactics that most so-called SEO experts apply to every client that comes their way, a lost revenue recovery specialist will actively look for key areas of monetary loss within your business. It will analyze your business extensively and identify the biggest holes where you’re losing the most revenue. And where is this ‘lost revenue’ going? In your competitors’ pockets!

Eyeing the Competitor

Did you know? 70% of all traffic and revenue is reserved for the top 3-4 ranked options on Google while the bottom of the page is left a share of a meager 2%. Forget page 2, if you want to increase your business, you can’t even afford a spot at the bottom of page 1! Lost revenue recovery specialists will identify your competitors, the cream of search results, and evaluate the difference in revenue generated by these businesses and the revenue produced by your business. After extensive analysis on the tactics and popular keywords used by these high ranked companies, these recovery specialists will then get down to serious business.

Recover Lost Revenue

Every business’s ultimate goal is revenue generation. In order to make that possible, it’s crucial to identify what is hampering this revenue production. After all, if you don’t identify the cause of a problem, how’re you ever going to eliminate it?

1UP SEO is the perfect example of a digital marketing agency that amalgamates its SEO expertise with problems identification skills to recover lost revenue and multiply your business! Hence, having identified the loopholes and existing competition, such a revenue recovery specialist will then use pertinent SEO strategies to position your company in a way to plug these holes and barricade lost revenue from not being found on search engines!

This renders the SEO services much more relevant and result oriented and you know the money you’ve spent in the digital marketing agency will produce results in real time.

Dominate the Market

By investing in the right digital marketing agency, you can look forward to expanding your business, dominating competition and not only saving lost revenue but building NEW revenue by inviting a flood of new customers and leads!