Purchasing online using the brand as a barometer of the quality

Purchasing online using the brand as a barometer of the quality

Shopping online has known an exponential growth this past decade. The convenience of not having to move from your house to purchase items seduce more and more people. However, the item is not available right away and you have neither touched it nor held it. These drawbacks do not seem to bother regular consumers anymore. Although most of us have been disappointed at least once by an online purchase, our idea of that particular item’s feature sometimes not matching the one we receive, we keep buying online. What is interesting to highlight here is that the younger generation who has been proven to be more impatient with the rise of internet devices is more likely to be willing to wait for an item purchased online to be delivered rather than spend half an hour in a car to go get the item and use it right away.

The statistics for online shopping are shed the light on our new habits, showing that 71 percent of online shoppers are convinced that they will pay less by shopping online, forgetting about the shipping fees. Items over the internet often do not meet expectations as shown by these figures; 80 percent of the online population have bought something online but only 50 percent more than once. Can we deduce from these figures that online sopping can entail bad surprises and disappointment? So why is the ecommerce considered as being more than likely to keep growing?

Internet purchases are very often an impulsive buy as only 36 percent of buyers will spend thirty minutes or more in the buying process. They will compare the item to others and look for deals on several websites. The other 64 percent spend less than fifteen minutes buying the items.

To make sure to avoid a potential disappointment, many shoppers go in stores to touch, see, weigh what they want to buy and then search online for better deals. However, many items that cannot be found in stores in the immediate area of the buyer’s home are directly purchased on the internet. Many online shoppers do not even look at the locations of the store but just go ahead and buy it from the website. To ensure quality a few labels have been created but also the equity marketing, putting a well-known brand’s name and reputation to an article that may not be theirs. The brand is now a bearing for online shoppers looking for quality. Not only for big purchases but also for items that need regulations. Indeed, for women who purchase makeup online the brand is a landmark in terms of quality and toxicity.

Online purchasing cosmetics is not always a good idea as the composition cannot be read most of the time on the website. In addition to this, the cosmetic items can be shipped from anywhere including countries that do not have a strong regulation on chemicals and as more and more toxic ingredients, often coming from the petrochemical industry, are present in our cosmetics, the regulations play a major role in terms of purchasing these items.