How Dealership Software Quickly Helps You Improve Sales

How Dealership Software Quickly Helps You Improve Sales

Selling cars have evolved from the days of late night television salesmen with loud voices and even louder sports jackets. While the gimmicks that many of those late-night television salesmen may have employed are not that far removed from today’s internet schemes, we like to think we have evolved beyond the obvious three ring circus that many car dealerships once were.

But even with the development of state of the art car dealer software to help us all utilize the mountains of data that the internet can provide, sales numbers still come down to people. That is true, but as more and more of the dealerships turn to this software to improve numbers, we can see that it isn’t just the software but also how it is used that makes the difference. Here is how each element in an automotive dealership can improve their game by simply utilizing the software they have right now in their dealership.

Organizing the Sales Staff

If you have a rock star salesperson on your staff, chances are you have noticed that they utilize your CRM software more than most of your sales staff. You may have seen how they take their time to organize their day before they get in, so that when they arrive they are ready to rock and roll with everyone there. That is because your in-house software is a great tool to organize their day with everything from the ability to remind them of important tools for sales, to getting them up to speed on goals they want to achieve and how to achieve them.

If you want to get the most from that expensive piece of software, the best way is to offer training sessions to all of your staff, not just the sales people, on how to use it. It can help sales to close the deal by providing up to the minute offers, letting them know what cars have been turned in for trade in the last 24 hours and what new inventory is on the lot. By keeping this information handy on their tablet or smartphone, your sales staff can all be rock stars working to keep that dealership busy and prosperous.

Connecting Departments

Some auto dealerships allow their various departments to become separate silos of information. When this happens, you begin to lose opportunities as finance doesn’t work closely with sales and the guys in the service bays see any salesperson as an intrusion on their territory. But it doesn’t have to work that way and your software is the reason why.

The smart salesperson makes it a habit to use that software system to integrate all that they do with each department, keeping them up to date on their own sales progress. It helps them to understand the contract that finance puts up on their tablet for their customers to sign. When they make it a habit to schedule themselves in the service lane to greet customers they make the job of the service department easier and renew old customer contacts. This is the best way to ensure that your customers are repeat clients and that service work is always entered correctly in their customer records.

Software Improves the Bottom Line

These are just two examples of how an auto dealership can use the software they have provided to them to improve the profitability of their dealership. By connecting departments through the software and making it an integral part of each person’s job, it can become the glue that not only holds the dealership together but helps it to succeed.