Do you know the difference of HTML templates and wordpress themes?

Do you know the difference of HTML templates and wordpress themes?

The online market offers various products for website creation. These options reduce the difficulty for most app and website developers. Those who are beginners in building webpages encounter difficulties getting the right tools for web development. For instance, many cannot differentiate between wordpress and html tools. The features below show the difference between wordpress and html.


The definition of these two tools displays their difference. The wordpress is a content management system. It is in a template based format. All a developer needs to do is find readymade wordpress themes and add on the template. The html on the other hand is a programming code. It enables you to project information on the page. Html tags are used to format the document.

Practical usage

The themes for wordpress make it preferable for operating websites and blogs. That is why millions of individuals prefer using the wordpress. The diverse themes offered make creating both types of websites to be much easier. The templates for html create a more personalised website or blog. They can help in meeting the specific tastes and preferences of a user.


The wordpress has a community. The community has developers and individuals that modify its software tools to become better. You can use the plugin or themes offered by the community to upgrade your site. The community offers support too. The html template is sourced from a coder. It is obtained from a closed source. The coder or the user is accountable to make any changes on it.

Theme or template

The wordpress files are commonly referred to as themes. The management of the theme is done with the wordpress admin panel. A theme is a collection of pages that are arranged and stored in a single database. A user can have the ability of re-arranging the pages to suit his/her preference. The html design is called the template. The html editor is the only person that can edit the template.

Software requirements

Another difference is in the types of software that can be used either on the wordpress or html. The software developers know of this difference. Their intention is to satisfy both the html users and wordpress users. Thus, they clearly indicate if their software is to be used by html or wordpress. This clearly shows the difference between the wordpress themes and html models.

Limitations in designing

The wordpress can easily be redesigned. The developers provide everyre source for the design work. Thus, you will be free to use your creativity effectively. However, there is a systematic procedure for customizing the site. Every developer needs to follow it. While designing the html, a developer will be limited by his creativity and programming skills.


It is possible for the user to make updates in both the wordpress and html sites. For wordpress, the user can update images and texts easily. For the html template, an html editor will be needed. If you happen to use another computer, the html editor must be downloaded first before the updates are done.