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SEO Friednly Titles and URLs

Use a keyword in the page URL and  a full URL sense to increase your organic traffic. For example:

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Optimize Your Images

This is one of your best and easy SEO techniques for beginners. 
Simply use ALT and TITLE tags in all images you upload to your blog/website. 

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Links Structure

When you create permalinks or the URL of a page or a post, you should always use ” – ” instead of “_”. That is how Google reads the content of your blog/website - help it enhance your traffic.

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To be SEO successful, you shoud:

follow these simple rules:


Use only responsive design themes

Number of words

Between 300 and 800 words are recommended for your articles.


Create a unique logo.

Meta Description

Maximum of 156 characters that explain your article. Include keywords.

Optimize Images

Use alt and title tags


Use .gifs instead of flash for better ranking.

SEO Friendly Titles

Use a keyword in the 1st place


Use H1, H2, H3 for a better ranking.


Avoid pop-ups.

Stop words

Avoid stop words in the description.

Redirects to Homepage

Create a 404 page and redirect it to the homepage.


Submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.


Include Copyright in the footer.


Videos boost your traffic. Make one, if applicable.


Follow and research your competitors to keep up!

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